Usually, the ladders on boat docks are strictly vertical, forcing you to climb up rather than out of the water like you would with some stairs. That is no longer the only way to have ladders now that there is a better way. Instead, you can have stairs to the dock.

Such boat dock ladders are unique in that the steps are wider and set apart from each other in such a way as to be one foot apart each. Since they are actually steps, you can place your whole foot on each one as you are stepping into and out of the water.

This allows for better balance and motion that is perfect for kids and the elderly as well as just ordinary able adults. In fact, these steps are just plain better than any ordinary dock ladders could be. You need to go online to get some of the specifications and to learn more about them.

When you want to climb into a boat, you want it to be easy, not difficult on the knees or a balancing act. It is so much better to gently step in and out than it is to climb. Were you to have this experience every time you go in and out of a boat, you would get it.

Aluminum ladders are not all made the same. The typical vertical boat dock ladder is going to be durable and lightweight which is good. It does take some more upper body strength to use it to get into and out of a boat.

boat dock ladders

In order to change this for the better, you will need to get the kind of sturdy ladder of the same materials but it will use the step system at an angle to allow you to use lower body strength.