When traveling to a new place, it is great to find a souvenir or two to take home with you to remember the trip or share with friends. Though photographs are valuable, it is nice to have a few trinkets as keepsakes. In Chicago there are many options for special souvenirs that you can treasure for years to come. These are just a few ideas of Chicago souvenirs you may want to grab during your trip.

T-Shirts or Hoodies

If you are looking for something practical that you know won’t just end up sitting on the shelf, consider buying some Chicago clothing. A T-Shirt from the windy city is something you can always treasure but still get use out of. A hoodie would also be a great option for the colder months that you could use for years to come.

Travel Cups or Mugs

Chicago souvenirs

Whether you are a coffee drinker or in need of a new water bottle for the gym, consider picking up one of these items during your stay. Another practical choice, you will be able to remember your trip each time you use them. Your choices will be many and you can find the perfect item to meet your needs.


If you are planning to do a lot of sightseeing, you can’t always trust the weather to cooperate. Having an umbrella on hand can save a lot of hassle when touring the city. These are great to keep in your car or have on hand when the sky doesn’t look promising. Like the aforementioned items, this choice will be something that will prove to be useful long after your trip. Though gift shop trinkets can be nice decorations, they might end up in a drawer or forgotten about. You’ll thank yourself later for investing in one these.