Do you ever get frustrated when you spent a lot of money on the candle and it burns badly so that eventually you can’t even light it. Sometimes it burns on one side of more than others. Other times there’s a hole in the side of the wax and you can only use it for so long.

But there are companies who have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure their candles are a little bit more special.

What makes a candle different?

Campbell’s can be made from all sorts of things, obviously, the wax is one thing, but there are many different grades of wax and they all made from different things. A beeswax candle burns completely differently than a candle where the wax is based in paraffin. Paraffin is much cheaper than beeswax, but it burns very differently.

A candle company Hialeah knows even the candle wick makes a difference to the way a candle burns. All natural wicks will burn in a more regular and even way than a flammable fiber dipped in wax.

There’s a reason why some candles on more expensive than others, it’s because they are made of better materials they will burn better and they will last longer.

Aromatic candles

Getting a candle with a lovely smell means that good products have been used to create the aroma. Most candle smells come from something natural. If you want a candle to smell of vanilla the best thing to use is vanilla essence. If you use synthetic vanilla the smell will be like an air freshener and not a candle.

candle company Hialeah

With candles, the best thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. This is one of those situations with the brand version smells better than the house version.