Seniors oftentimes find traditional bathtubs difficult to use. They also cause risks to an aging individual or anyone else with mobility issues. Rather than risk injury and endure daily headaches and hassles, why not upgrade the tub to a step in tub? These tubs are perfect for seniors and considerably minimize the risk of injury and other issues when it is time to bathe.

step in tub

Sometimes called a walk-in tub, these tubs have a door that opens and closes on the side of the tub. This means the person using the tub doesn’t need to lift their legs to get in the tub, as required with a traditional tub. The doors keep the water inside the tub so there are no messes. Professional installation is required, however.

One of the things that people especially love about the walk-in tub is the customizations they can make. The ability to create a truly unique tub that meets every need is possible. Although it will increase the costs sometimes the expense is worth it when it makes life easy.  Bubble jets, handrail, adjustable shower spigots, seating, and many other add-on features are available.

Many different models and styles of walk in tubs are available. They are also sold in a wide array of price ranges. The price is affected by the size of the tub, as well as the shape. You can spend as little as a couple thousand dollars for the tub or well into the thousands. Again, it all depends on your needs and the options chosen for the tub.

Seniors can remain independent thanks to the variety of tools and products designed to help them thrive. The walk-in tub is one such item. It could be the best addition that you ever make to your home!